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The mission of The Community College Foundation is to be the provider of choice to improve the Quality of Life for at-risk and underserved populations through direct services and strategic partnerships.

For over 39 years, The Community College Foundation (TCCF) has developed and implemented diverse programs serving education and communities across the United States. The following list represents an overview of some of TCCF’s significant programs and accomplishments.

  • The RFA program (2017-Present) is operated by The Community College Foundation (TCCF) through a contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). RFA stands for “Resource Family Approval.” The program consists of a training series (workshops) for potential Resource Parents (Foster/Adoptive).

  • Statewide Independent Living Program (1984-2006) – Served over 80,000 16-21 year old foster and probation youth in collaboration with California Department of Social Services and community colleges throughout California.

  • Independent Living Program (1987-2006) – In collaboration with LA County, served over 16,000 16-21 year old foster and probation youth to support their successful transition to adulthood through essential preparation and mentoring.

  • Fostering Education (1991-2009) – This experiential workshop trained K-12 school personnel to become more sensitive, aware, and skilled to work with at-risk children experiencing trauma and to understand how trauma affects their school performance.

  • Family Development Program (1994-2008) – First developed by Cornell University, which created the competencies and tools needed by human, education and health service workers and agencies to help families become more self-reliant within their communities. TCCF provided 35-hour training Facilitator Workshops for qualified individuals to have the opportunity to become Certified Family Development Credentialed Community-based Instructors.

  • TechEd Events (1994-2010) TechEd International Conference & Exposition was the world’s leading hands-on technology in education conference and exposition. TechEd Events strived to bring thousands of K-20 educators and administrators together to share best practice solutions and cutting edge innovations for succeeding today and preparing for the classroom of tomorrow.

  • Early Start to Emancipation Preparation (1996-2006) – In collaboration with LA County, served over 14, 000 14-15 year old foster and probation youth designed to educate, encourage and empower youth to achieve success in life as well as get an early start on preparing for adulthood and independent living. In 2003, ESTEP Sacramento was developed Sacramento in collaboration with Sacramento County.

  • Community Connect (1996-Present) –Continues to provide underserved communities with equal understanding, access and utilization of computer and internet through the use of mobile technology centers called eBuses. Examples of program sponsors have included: Apple, Bank of America, Chase, Fifth Third Bank, Freddie, and Washington Mutual.

  • Permanence and Safety, Model Approaches to Partnerships in Parenting (1998-2017) – Served over 11,000 potential foster and adoptive parents with workshops that supported achieving permanency for children by providing a screening process to help screen, target and support the most committed potential resource families in LA County. The goal is to provide nurturing alternative homes for children from within the communities to which the children belong.

  • Kinship Education, Preparation and Support (2001-2007) – Provided support, resources, and relationships for relatives protecting and nurturing their kin. In collaboration with relative caregivers, community colleges and the Department of Children and Family Services, TCCF created the program to help address relative caregivers’ unique concerns and needs in caring for their own family member’s children including informing them regarding their legal rights, legislative requirements, and availability of resources..

  • SES Tutoring (2004-2015) – Offered Supplemental Educational Services (free tutoring) to low-income students who were attending Title 1 schools that have not made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in the same subject for 2 or more years. TCCF provided SES through contracts with over 150 districts in California.

  • Steps to Success (2005- 2012) – Addressed common barriers pregnant and parenting youth face, such as locating local community resources, finding child care services or completing their education. Program targeted at-risk pregnant and parenting youth ages 14 to 21 in the California foster/probation systems, including mothers and fathers who are already emancipated.

  • Workin’ it Out (WIO) (2006-2009) – Offered young adults the chance to get back on track and realize their dreams. Through a combination of internships, workshops, tutoring, and work experience opportunities, program members are able to gain the necessary job skills and education to transition successfully to adulthood.

  • Youth Development Services (2007-2013) – In collaboration with Los Angeles County and other partners, the program supported foster youth in their transition to adulthood by providing services to help find employment, finish education goals, and prevent homelessness.

  • InternSource (1986-Present) – Recruits, hires, and manages student interns from high schools and colleges throughout California. The InternSource provides new hire orientation, applicant demographic data, and specialized recruitment, administers personnel issue and provides complete payroll services. This program continues to grow with new intern and business partner opportunities.

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