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InternSource prides itself on being detail-oriented and attentive to all of our customer needs. If your agency requires special services, we can work together to customize the program and contract to provide the most value. InternSource will:

  • Target students and find interns specific to your needs. The selection process is at the discretion of your worksite. Ex: if your company would like an intern majoring in engineering from a college in Alameda County, we can find you that student

  • Produce tailored student job announcements and share them with our contacts at more than 100 public and private high school and higher education institutions

  • Post job announcements on our website so students can easily access job information at any time

For more information, please contact Jamie Stedman, InternSource Program Manager, at 916-418-5124, or by email to Find and hire interns now! We look forward to discussing how TCCF can meet your current staffing needs.

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