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With 10 percent of the nation’s children in foster care in Los Angeles County, it is important that committed Resource Families be recruited and supported in the communities from which children are being placed. Providing the county with well-trained Resource Parents ensures the overall wellbeing of the county’s most vulnerable children. 

About RFA

The RFA program is operated by The Community College Foundation (TCCF) through a contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). RFA stands for “Resource Family Approval.” The program consists of a training series (workshops) for potential Resource Parents (Foster/Adoptive) to:

  • Support the goal of safety and permanency for children in Los Angeles County.

  • Provide a process to help screen, target, and support committed potential Resource Families interested in fostering and adoption.

  • Create a solution that takes into consideration the unique needs of each child. The program emphasizes collaboration between Resource Families, DCFS, birth families, and other stakeholders.

TCCF has provided Pre-Service training to over 12,000 potential Resource Parents since 1989. From 2004-2016 TCCF used the nationally recognized PS-MAPP curriculum (revised in 2016) to meet the needs of Los Angeles County.
Starting in 2017, TCCF is using a new curriculum developed locally by Master Trainers that covers the required topics per the California Department of Social Services’ written directives.

RFA Offers

Daytime, evening, and two-day trainings throughout Los Angeles County

Training series in English and in Spanish


You must complete the following steps to become an LA County Resource (Foster/Adoptive) Parent:

  1. The first step is to attend an Orientation sponsored by Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). To register, please call 888-811-1121 or go to

  2. Once your DCFS orientation is complete, the next step is to get a free Live Scan through DCFS.

  3. Finally, enroll for RFA Training consisting of 12 Pre-Approval hours and 8 Pre-Placement hours.


Upon completion of required steps #1 and #2, you can start the RFA registration process (step #3).

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