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Destiny F. (22)

Destiny’s openness is the first thing many people notice about her and is perhaps the reason she makes friends fast wherever she goes. The psychology student and guidance counselor learned about the program through her school and was curious because she had always had to pay someone to help her with her taxes, “And now I understand my taxes more because they explained things to me, each box and now I feel empowered about doing my taxes.” Destiny says her $2,000 refund is going into a savings account, “A net is not something a lot of people get to have.”


Taylor’s social worker let her know about the tax program and the outgoing 21-year-old was excited to work with them. After a few sessions over the phone, her taxes were done and she felt like she had a better understanding of how it all worked, “They are very good and can help you with anything and they have good resources and can answer any questions. I will be back next year.” In the meantime, Taylor’s refund will help her buy a car so she can better fulfill the needs of herself and her 2mo old baby.

JOSE (20)

Jose’s friends describe him as not just reliant but emotionally strong. 20-year-old Jose's days are always full of studying, working, and playing guitar. It was through his school that Jose found out about the VITA program and though he was dreading his taxes and how difficult and overbearing bureaucracy can be, he signed up. To Jose’s surprise, it wasn’t anything like the torture you see on TV,  but exceedingly simple. After sending over some paperwork VITA walked him through a review of everything so he was informed and secure in the process. With his return, Jose will be able to take a breath, pay his credit card, and put a chunk into savings. “If you are worried about the doom and gloom of taxes, you should work with them, they make it so simple.”

Dazanea (22)

Daza dreaded doing her taxes and then learned from a friend about the program, “I used to pay $400 to get my taxes done.” As a single mom who has spent much of her life in the system, she knows that it is important to make the best out of any situation so she signed up and was able to receive an $8,000 refund. “I was so excited to tell my daughter - this is our money! They helped me find so many benefits and understand tax credits. I will never pay to have someone do my taxes again.”

Sofia K.

After using TurboTax a few times Sofia felt like no matter how much she worked she was never going to get very much back for her taxes so when she received a flier from her social worker her expectations were quite low. “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to work with them, I got more money back than I ever had, and it came so fast!” Waiting only two weeks to receive her return the money couldn’t have come at a better time, “After aging out I had to move in with my brother for a bit and that money helped me survive.” At an unstable time, the bit of stability her $1600 refund provided made a huge difference. “I definitely want to work with them again! Everybody was helpful and I really appreciate them."

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