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InternSource contracts with government agencies and private companies to recruit, hire and manage student employees for various positions within their organizations. These college internships are designed to enhance your education by offering a position associated with your chosen field of study. 

As the program is committed to the advancement of education, our paid interns must meet the following requirements to obtain an internship:

  • must be a student

  • must be enrolled in a minimum of six semester units (or quarter equivalent) at an accredited higher education institution

  • must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA. 

As InternSource is a program of The Community College Foundation (TCCF), TCCF would be your Employer of Record. This means that TCCF:

  • issues your paycheck

  • maintains your personnel file

  • handles employment issues such as workers’ compensation and unemployment claims for your work site (e.g. verification of your employment would be done through TCCF)

  • can help you edit your resume and offers great tips on interviewing and landing that job

​To view available internships, please visit the TCCF Recruiter Website. For more information, you may also contact Jamie Stedman, InternSource Program Manager, at 916-418-5124, or by email to Find a paid internship today!

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