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"ITSP and my advisor have given me the strength to accomplish this." – ITSP Youth on returning to school to complete her high school diploma after pregnancy and dropping out of school

"My TDS helped me tremendously…he was a very hands-on person…we worked on different projects from whether you want to own your own car, whether you want to learn how to cook, whether you want to go over your finances, what you want to bring to college and what you don’t want to bring to college…..I am extremely ready for emancipation” – ITSP Youth and Student at UC Irvine

An ITSP Transitional Development Specialists (TDS) describes a breakthrough working with a youth in her caseload: “She had unsuccessfully on her own attempted to apply for Citrus College twice. During one of her sessions, she and I navigated through the application process and, after two hours of getting kicked of the computer and re-logging on numerous times, she was able to finally successfully apply for the Fall 2015 term. The following session, I took her to Citrus College (her first time on campus) and showed her around the campus and introduced her to the FOSTER/Youth Resource room and took her through the Assessment and Orientation building. For the next step, she was responsible to come back on her own during the week to complete the assessment/ orientation on her own. The following week I contacted her to see if she took the assessment, she replied by text to say “Yes”. I told her that I was proud of her that she did it. She sent a text back to me that said: “Thank you! You made it all so much easier for me!”

Another ITSP TDS describes a recent success story: “The youth stated he wanted to become a police officer. I contacted the Sheriff’s station to obtain requirements and found out there is a related program offered for youth ages 14-21. Every Saturday, the youth go to the Explorer Program, run by the Sheriff’s Department; they are trained on everything needed to know about becoming an officer (fire arms, uniforms, drugs, etc.). Once a youth graduates from the program, he has additional eligibility to become a police officer. At age 20 ½, a youth will be considered for hire. My youth started the program last Saturday!!!”

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