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" Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Chinese proverb

Did you know that…..

  • 65% leave foster care without a place to live and 27% of the homeless population spent time in foster care?

  • the average foster youth will have moved nine times before high school graduation.

  • only 42% are likely to graduate from high school?

  • one-third of Transition Age Youth (TAY) experienced a period of extreme poverty in the four years after leaving care?

  • they are more vulnerable to becoming a sex trafficking victim?

  • nearly 20% received outpatient mental health services?

  • women have a 50% chance of being pregnant by age 19?

  • less than 3% of youth in foster care attend a four-year college, estimates Children Uniting Nations? 

  • kids who are pregnant/parenting, have been in the juvenile justice system, and LGBT youth are at an even greater risk for negative outcomes?

Pretty dismal stuff, right? The good news is that TCCF is doing incredible work to provide better and brighter futures;   CoPilot has set out to teach youth in foster care to “fish”. We assist foster youth ages sixteen to twenty-one by providing them one-on-one assistance in their home for up to two years. The CoPilot goals for TAY are consistent with the requirements created to fulfill the Foster Care Independence Act (Chafee Act) and the eight Chafee Outcome Measures, which are:

  1. Receiving high school diploma

  2. Educational attainment

  3. Employment

  4. Avoidance of dependency

  5. Avoiding homelessness

  6. Avoiding non-marital childbirth

  7. Avoiding incarceration

  8. Avoiding high-risk behaviors

CoPilot will also promote permanent connections and relationships.

The curriculum used has been developed and refined by TCCF for over the last ten years and allows for youth sessions to be tailored to their specific needs. Through the comprehensive curriculum facilitated by our effective staff, TCCF is helping youth in foster care in tangible and measurable ways.Over the last six years, the program has produced the following outcomes:

  • 75% of youth who are able to work find employment. This includes paid internships and part-time jobs if the youth are in school

  • 84% increase in self-advocacy

  • 88% greater understanding of emotional, mental, social well-being, and interpersonal relationships

  • 100% of the youth in our program access community and/or social services while in foster care

  • 97% youth demonstrate increased knowledge of safety skills (substance abuse prevention, parenting skills, and pregnancy prevention)

  • 85% of youth demonstrate an increase in knowledge of transitional housing programs

​We seek public support to be better able to provide opportunities, education and support to ensure better outcomes – and better LIVES – for Los Angeles County youth in foster care. Your donation to the CoPilot Program impacts outcomes for our enrolled youth.

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