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Improving the quality of life for at-risk and underserved populations

Who We Are

The mission of The Community College Foundation is to be the provider of choice to improve the Quality of Life for at-risk and underserved populations through direct services and strategic partnerships.

Our Programs

The far-reaching scope of The Community College Foundation is evident through widely diverse programs.


Internsource is a full-service program that recruits, hires and manages paid student interns for government agencies and private industry. ​

ITSP / CoPilot

The Individualized Transitional Skills (ITSP)

and CoPilot Programs

were developed to

enhance daily life skills

and promote self-sufficiency of the youth.​

Community Connect

Connecting communities by bringing financial literacy training, community and veteran outreach, occupational training, tax preparation, and when needed, disaster response assistance resources directly to communities across the United States.


TCCF contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to provide Pre-Service training to potential Resource Parents "RFA".

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