Partnership with Stumptown Coffee Company

CoPilot has partnered with Stumptown Coffee to create a job training program that gives back to the community.

The CoPilot Program provides important life skills training to help teenagers in foster care successfully transition into adulthood.  We have found that meaningful partnerships with organizations that believe in giving back to the community are vital to our success.

CoPilot has partnered with Stumptown Coffee to create a job training program that gives back to the community by helping foster and probation youth in Los Angeles find meaningful employment. However, it is not just about employment; it is so much more. The relationships that are created could make all the difference to the life of a teenager with few social supports. 

The trainings consist of 5 intimate classes where the students get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to get the perfect cup of coffee into the customer’s hands. While the basics of being a coffee barista are covered, they also learn about roasting, sourcing, and the history of coffee.

Once the student has completed the training, they are prepared to enter the world of coffee with practical knowledge and a hands-on approach.  More importantly, they have a deeper understanding of how thriving communities are built by creating meaningful relationships.

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