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Healthy Relationships Workshop


Crush, Infatuation, or True Love?

The Relationship Goals Zoom Workshop and Bootcamps focus on relationships (of all kinds) in a caring, non-judgmental setting. We have a  fun, relaxed conversation, learn how to make relationships work, and explore your goals and dreams. #RelationshipGoals shows you how to create new patterns for yourself and your future. We give you the tools to build the life and relationships you want. ​


Here's what we offer:​

  • Respectful, kind instructors​

  • ​Is it real?

  • Break-ups​

  • Communication skills​

  • Sex and intimacy​

  • Setting boundaries​

  • Recognizing red flags​

  • LGBTQIA friendly​


FREE for youth ages 16-19 - Gift Card Incentives up to $125


We use the LoveNotes curriculum by Dibble. To learn more, visit 



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