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Internsource is a full-service program that recruits, hires and manages paid student interns for government agencies and private industry.

About InternSource

Companies benefit from the talent, energy and enthusiasm of student interns to develop their future workforce while students gain knowledge and insight from working in their chosen field of study. InternSource currently employs hundreds of students who work in a variety of positions that include but are not limited to:

  • Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Management Information Systems

  • Clerical

  • Computer Programming


Students participating in the program attend high schools, community colleges, universities, private colleges and vocational schools. This program connects students to opportunities in business and government, helping students identify and meet educational and career goals. To date, InternSource has trained and placed more than 25,000 students in paid internships throughout California.


"You can find no better opportunity for achievement and advancement in your field. The program will help you gain new skills, practice current skills, and advance others; this gives you true on-the-job training." – Lydell Moore, Student, American River College

"By exploring every opportunity at my internship, I have increased my effectiveness and confidence as an engineer and have learned the principles required to successfully complete projects." – H.A. Mergen, UC Davis Doctoral Graduate

"It is always a pleasure to work with the Community College Foundation and its friendly customer service philosophy…All of my interactions with the staff have been very positive. I feel I have a wonderful working relationship and partnership with The Community College Foundation." – Suzie Torres, Department of Transportation, Los Angeles

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