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Community Connect / eBus




The mission of The Community College Foundation is to improve the Quality of Life for at-risk and underserved populations through direct services, education and strategic partnerships.

In pursuit of that mission, the Community Connect program utilizes former city transit buses which we transform into eBuses. These eBuses are used to connect communities by bringing financial literacy training, community and veteran outreach, occupational training, tax preparation, and when needed, disaster response assistance resources directly to communities across the United States.

An eBus is a computer lab / classroom on wheels with:

  • Broadband internet via satellite and cellular

  • 10 – 16 computer stations

  • On-board copiers, printers, and fax machine

  • Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities

  • Audio Visual projection

  • Onboard generators allowing them to be fully self-sustained.

The Community Connect program is made possible through sponsorships, strategic partnerships and the support of our community partners. If you would like to become a program sponsor or donate to help us continue our mission, please contact Ingrid Jimenez, Director of Administration, at 916-418-5100 or by email at

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