Yes! It is a requirement of Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) due to consolidated home study.
The only requirement is that at least one person from the same household attends an Orientation and gets a free Live Scan background check through DCFS. To enroll in an Orientation, the person needs to call 1-888-811-1121. The Orientation is approximately three hours long and held at various locations in Los Angeles County. DCFS requirements for having children placed in the home are discussed during the orientation.
The classes are sponsored by eleven community colleges throughout Los Angeles County. Some are on campus and others are held at community-based locations.
The classes are offered at various times and on various days. Depending on the college, classes are typically offered either twice during the week in the day or evening with each class lasting three hours, or six-hour classes on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays.
Any primary caretaker and their significant other, whether through marriage, domestic partnership, etc. need to attend the class. Should you have any questions regarding this issue contact DCFS at 1-888-811-1121.
If he/she will be on the license and did not attend an Orientation, he/she can enroll in the workshop with his/her partner, but must attend an Orientation before the training series is completed.
Yes! However, it is important to consider that a home will only be approved for up to six children. These children include biological children, relatives, children in daycare, and children who are being fostered or adopted. Should you have any questions regarding this contact DCFS at 1-888-811-1121.