Currently, TCCF provides non-profit support services to the following organizations through Management Service Agreements (MSAs); scope of services varies among agencies based on need:


“When our nonprofit experienced a leadership crisis, as a board member I stepped into the role of an Interim Executive Director. I never would have done so without the unwavering support and competence of our MSA partner, TCCF. We have since resolved our problem with their help. Couldn’t have done it without them.” -Patrick Bell, Board Chairperson, Triad Family Services

“As a small agency, Yolo Family Service Agency has benefited greatly from the advantage of having high quality financial services which we simply could not afford on our own. The timely financial statements, the payroll and human resource services, the annual audit, and the ongoing support for our board’s finance committee has provided us with reliable information enabling us to make better and more sound decisions – and allowing us to enhance our financial position in a very positive way.” -Trisha Stanionis, Executive Director, Yolo Family Service Agency