As InternSource is a program of The Community College Foundation (TCCF), TCCF is the employer of record. TCCF maintains the personnel files, processes any worker’s compensation claims, and conducts any investigation into harassment or discrimination. InternSource’s experienced staff processes payroll, distributes paychecks and manages all tax-related procedures. The worksite is then able to mentor the student intern without worrying about the burden of administrative processes.
We customize our recruitment to reach students desirable for the worksite. We recruit students enrolled in a variety of academic programs at high schools and accredited colleges.
Before recruitment begins, the worksite completes a recruitment request that specifies the type of student preferred, including academic studies and related experience. InternSource staff works closely with each worksite to tailor the recruitment to meet the needs of the position.
InternSource encourages and supports diversity through student recruitment. If your worksite is looking to create diversity, we have suggestions to help.
We strongly encourage worksites to provide job opportunities that will enhance the student’s academic studies. Students can perform a variety of jobs including, but not limited to: program management, engineering, database management, administrative support, web design, computer programming, human resources assistance, environmental management, and so on. The job duties are directly related to the needs of the worksite.
After receiving a completed recruitment request, our staff distributes the student job announcement within 24 hours to all applicable colleges and universities within the hiring area. We also post the announcement to our web site. Worksites will typically receive resumes within two weeks.
InternSource offers the option of screening resumes for the worksite. However, the worksite does the interviewing since you will be working directly with the student.
Student hours are determined by the needs of the worksite. However, students MUST maintain a part-time schedule overall and generally will work an average of a maximum of 25 hours per week. The typical duration of employment for student interns ranges from six to twelve months.
The worksite sets the pay rate and InternSource charges the agreed upon indirect fee based on the set pay rate. The worksite also initiates any pay changes for active students.
We charge the worksite for direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are calculated on the basis of identifiable, service-related expenditures for student internships calculated on an hourly basis.

For more information, you may also contact Jamie Stedman, InternSource Program Manager, at 916-418-5124, or by email to We look forward to discussing how TCCF can meet your current staffing needs!