Our eBuses are 40-foot former city transit buses that have been converted to mobile computer labs. Sponsored by non-profit and corporate partners, the eBuses deliver specific education and resources to targeted locations across the United States.

Each eBus is equipped with:

  • A Project Coordinator
  • A Driver/Technician
  • Audio Visual Projection
  • Broadband cellular and satellite internet access
  • Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities
  • 10-16 computer work stations
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Onboard copier, printers and fax machine
  • Onboard generator allowing the eBus to be fully self-sustained

This one of a kind, mobile classroom and technology center can also be rented out daily, weekly or monthly. The eBus is self-powered and is equipped to also provide power and internet access as needed in emergency situations such as Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy.

Check out the eBus on the road and then bring an eBus to the heart of your community and clients!