No, TCCF’s mission is to improve the quality of life for at-risk and underserved populations. As such, TCCF provides related services through partnerships with community colleges and also provides tutoring and other programs which foster higher education interest and attendance. However, we are not an institution of higher education. To enroll into community college, please contact the community college(s) of your choice directly. The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office website is a good resource for locating colleges in your area and provides various other tools for students.
TCCF was established in 1983 as the official foundation supporting the community college system in California. In 1996, TCCF became an independent non-profit, though TCCF continues its long history of partnerships with community colleges in the state through programs and contracts which focus on higher education.
Most of our programs are centered around youth and at-risk populations and include, for example, life skills training for LA County foster youth, statewide tutoring services, workshops for LA County potential Resource Parents (Foster/Adoptive), and more. If you browse our website, you will see the array of services we provide throughout California. If you still have questions, please contact our Director of Administration at 916-418-5115.
We are recruiting for K-12 tutors most of the school year, with considerable recruitment in the fall and winter. Our tutors are required to have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree, or equivalent college units, and have experience working with youth. Before making contact with students, tutors must also receive FBI/DOJ/TB clearance. To view and apply for tutor vacancies in your area, please visit our recruitment website.
Free tutoring is offered through our Supplemental Educational Services. We currently provide services in over 150 districts in California. The tutoring services are limited to low-income students who meet the eligibility requirements established by the school district. To learn more about the program, please check our website’s information on tutoring or call Marji LeGrand, Director of Tutoring, at 916-418-5137 or email to
We currently do not have a program for college scholarships. Please check back in the future as we do add new programs.
Currently, our expertise and programming relates to K-12 students. All colleges should have programs offering tutoring or referral information for interested tutors. Check to see if your college/university has a learning center as we have found that most do.
Please refer to the Community Connect (eBus) information on our website to review information about the program. For additional questions and/or to arrange for lease, please contact Ingrid Jimenez, Director of Administration, at 916-418-5115 or by email to
Donating is easy! Our website has great information about the benefits of supporting our organization and programs. For additional questions on how you can help, please contact Andrea Bibelheimer, Chief Operations Officer, at 916-418-5105 or by email to We thank you for your support.